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Rest assured that while we will use any pictures you send as inspiration, what we do here at Dolce is an expression of art. Out of respect for other artists, we will often take creative liberties with our designs to ensure that the creation you receive is totally unique to you!


When picking up your order, we always encourage honest feedback so that we have the opportunity to make any adjustments to the design in the moment. Once the item leaves our premises, we cannot accept it back into the bakery for any reason.


Due to the fragile nature of our products and the harsh heat in South Mississippi, we recommend that our cakes be refrigerated until 2 hours prior to your event. Never leave our cakes in a hot car or anywhere outside if the temperature is at or above 70 degrees.


Our store policy states that refunds will not be issued for any custom products. Any issues with design will need to be brought to our attention at the time of pick-up. If there is an issue that we are not able to correct at the time of pick-up, store credit may be given at the discretion of management.


We do not send our cakes out in covered boxes. This is to ensure that no damage is done to the icing during transport and so that you can keep an eye on it until it reaches your destination.


bakery by the sea

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